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  • Biomass Steam Boiler

    Biomass Steam Boiler

    Biomass Boiler-Hot Sale- Easy Installation Low Heating Value Fuel Wood Rice Husk Pellets etc. Introduction : Biomass Steam Boiler is horizontal three-back water fire pipe composite boiler. Fix fire tube in drum and the light pipe water wall is fixed on the right and left sides of the furnace. With light chain grate stoker for mechanical feeding and by the draft fan and blower for mechanical ventilation, realize mechanical taphole by scraper slag remover. The hopper of fuel drops to ...

  • Double Drum Steam Boiler

    Double Drum Steam Boiler

    Coal Steam Boiler-Used in Foods, Textile, Plywood,Paper Brewery,Rice Mill etc.. Introduction : SZL Series assembled water tube boiler adopts longitudinal double drum chain grate boiler. The boiler body is composed of up& down longitudinal drums and convection tube, best heating surface, high thermal efficiency, reasonable design, compact structure, elegant appearance, adequate effect. Two side of Combustion chamber equipped the light pipe water wall tube, up drum equip steam ...

  • Gas Steam Boiler

    Gas Steam Boiler

    Introduction : WNS series steam boiler burning oil or gas is Horizontal internal combustion three backhaul fire tube boiler, adopts boiler furnace wet back structure, high temperature smoke, gas turn to scour the second and third backhaul smoke tube plate, then after the smoke chamber. discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney. There are the front and back Smokebox Cap in the boiler, easy to maintenance. Excellent burner adopts combustion automatic ratio adjustment , feedwater ...

  • Biomass Wood Thermal Oil Boiler

    Biomass Wood Thermal Oil Boiler

    Thermal Oil Boiler used in Textile,Foods, Rubber ,Paper, Plastic, Wood, Building Materials etc. Feature: 1.Overall structure is reasonable and compact, easy to install. 2.Advanced design, Complete structure 3. Simple water cycle, reasonable structure of pressure parts, guarantee water quality, safe to run 4. Complete Ancillary equipment, advanced comprehensive technology

  • SHX Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler

    SHX Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler

    Introduction: As a new type of mature high-performance with low-pollution clean coal technology. circulating fluidized bed combustion(CFBC)technology is unlike others that it has a lot of unique characteristics. 1. Circulating fluidized bed is of low-temperature combustion, therefore nitrogen oxides emissions of such boiler is much lower than that of coal-powder boiler, and such boiler could directly desulfurize during combustion process. Circulating fluidized bed boiler with high desulfuriza...

  • Autoclave and Boiler

    Autoclave and Boiler

    Autoclave-Popular used in ACC Plant,Flyash Plant,Building Material etc.. Autoclave Feature 1, the first domestic production of autoclave professional factory. 2, assembly line production, welding all the automation, quality and stability. 3, all the pressure components 100% X-ray film detection, advanced detection methods. 4, the product as a whole factory, advanced and reasonable structure, short installation period, the investment cost is low. 5, fully furnished, by manual or com...

  • Pressure Vessel

    Pressure Vessel

    Introduction: Pressure vessel equipment plays an important role in the petrochemical industry, the energy industry, scientific research and military sectors etc. Pressure vessel container body consist of cylinder, sealing head, flange, sealing elements, open pore and connected pipe, bearing. In addition, also equipped with safety devices, meter and safety internals for protection purpose . Pressure Vessel Main Performance Parameter List Steam Pressure1.0Mpa Inlet Temperature 250℃ S...

  • Electric Steam Boiler

    Electric Steam Boiler

    Introduction: Pressure Vessel Main Performance Parameter List Steam Pressure1.0Mpa Inlet Temperature 250℃ Saturation Temperature 179℃ Heating Water:Inlet Temperature 90℃; Outlet Temperature 140℃ Feature Fully automatic operation can be realized by a digital controller switch Control system selected advanced programmable controller, heating element input sequence can be realized the timing automatically switches to extend component life With automatic sewage With automatic wa...

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Xuzhou Double Rings Machinery Co.,Ltd belong to Golden Moon Group, professional factory of biomass boiler, Coal Boiler,Oil Gas Boiler, Thermal Oil Boiler, Circulating Fluidized Bed ,Autoclave,Pressure Vessel, Electric Steam Boiler,Steam&Hot Water Pipe and Boiler Accessory.

Our Group covers an area of 950000 square meters. Manufacturing Plant area about 50000 square meters. Own the complete service of Scientific Research, Manufacture, Sale and Installation.Advanced Technology and Inspection Machine to ensure the product best quality.



  • Steam Boiler Precaution

    Precautions How to use boilers correctly to ensure safe operation When the boiler leaves the factory, it should be accompanied by “design documents required by safety technical specifications, product quality certificates, safety and maintenance instructions, and supervision and inspection...

  • Steam Boiler Work Process

    work process The working process of a steam boiler should have the following procedures. Each process requires care and patience. The raw water enters the separator and the evaporator tube through the feed pump (the two are connected), and the liquid level is determined by the liquid The position...

  • Steam Boiler Protection System

    Protection System Water level protection The steam boiler is equipped with two water pumps, running and standby. The boiler is equipped with one or two plate-type water level gauges, which should be compared with each other frequently. If the indications are found to be inconsistent, they must be...

  • What is Gas Oil steam boiler ?

    Gas Oil steam boiler Oil (gas) steam boiler is a steam boiler fueled by diesel or natural gas. It is divided into vertical fuel (gas) steam boiler and horizontal fuel (gas) steam boiler. The vertical fuel (gas) steam boiler adopts a lower burner mode, a two-pass structure, sufficient fuel combust...

  • What is Electric Steam boiler ?

    Electric steam boiler Feature 1Intelligence Adopting advanced special computer controller for steam boiler, beautiful appearance, rich display: Chinese LCD display, equipped with super bright backlight, clearly showing the steam pressure, heater working condition, water supply pump working condit...